Frequently-Asked Questions

What format do Eagles-SVG designs come in?

Most of our designs come in the popular formats, SVG and PNG (some designs only have PNG files for sublimation), but if you need to use different formats (such as DXF, EPS, PDF, JPG, …) for your project, please contact us. We provide free support for you once you have purchased the design.

What is the most popular design?

We have a “Trending” category where we update the most popular designs at Eagles-SVG. They are updated once every 24 hours.

Where's my download?

Your download is available immediately after Checkout.

It’s also available on your Order page.

Go to your Order page by clicking on the Link in your Order Confirmation e-mail.

You may also go there by clicking My Account, where you can examine your orders. Click the View button to see an order’s details and your download’s button.

If you’re not seeing a Download button, simply contact out.

Why did I receive HTML files and not SVG files?

Some computers show SVG files within a folder as HTML files. It’s odd, we know. They’re actually SVG files.

You may still utilize the SVG files as normal using your program of choice. Please open them from within the software, because double-clicking directly on them may not run the relevant program.

Example: You’re using Cricut Design Space, go to New Project, Upload, Upload Image, etc., and go to the SVG file.

I only want one design from Bundle. Can I get it individually?

Sure, please let me know which design you need. However, an important note is that our individual designs start at the lowest price of $2.99, so you should consider this before making a decision.

What cutting machines use SVG files?

There are several cutting machines that use SVG files for creating designs, including:

  • Cricut Explore, Maker, & Joy
  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • ScanNCut
  • Glowforge
  • Siser Romeo and Juliet
  • Pazzles Inspiration Vue
  • Skycut
  • Craftwell eCraft
Can use SVG files with Cricut machine?

To use an SVG file with your Cricut machine (Explore, Maker or Joy), you can open the Cricut Design Space software and click “New Project” to start a new project. You can then click “Upload” to import the SVG file, and adjust the size and position of the design before cutting it out. You must change solid score lines’ Linetype to Score and Attach any multi-layer shapes. Upload the project’s “entire” file (in its Extras folder) to save time.

Can use SVG files with Silhouette Cameo?
Yes, the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine is compatible with SVG files. SVG files can be opened and edited in Silhouette Studio, which is the software used to control the Cameo cutting machine. Once the SVG file is loaded into Silhouette Studio, you can adjust the size, shape, and cutting settings as needed before sending the design to the Cameo to be cut.
Using SVG files with the Silhouette Cameo offers a wide range of design options and the ability to create custom designs with precision and accuracy. It also allows for easy sharing of designs with others who may have different cutting machines or software.
Why won't my SVG file open in Silhouette Studio?

To open SVG files, you need to upgrade to Designer Edition or higher to unlock this feature. If you are using Basic Edition, please use DXF files.

Can SVG files be resized?

Yes, SVG files can be resized without losing their quality. This is because SVG files are vector graphics, which means that they are made up of mathematical equations and lines, rather than pixels like raster images such as JPEGs or PNGs.
Resizing an SVG file can be done using a variety of software programs, including Silhouette Studio, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape.

What can you make with SVG files?

SVG and cut files can be used to create a wide variety of DIY and craft projects. Here are some examples:

  1. Vinyl decals: SVG and cut files can be used to create custom vinyl decals for walls, windows, laptops, and more.

  2. T-shirts and apparel: Cut files can be used to create custom designs for t-shirts, hats, and other apparel items using a heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and a heat press.

  3. Paper crafts: SVG and cut files can be used to create custom cards, invitations, and other paper crafts using a cutting machine and cardstock or other paper materials.

  4. Home decor: SVG and cut files can be used to create custom home decor items such as wall art, pillows, and signs.

  5. Personalized gifts: Cut files can be used to create personalized gifts such as mugs, tumblers, and phone cases using a vinyl cutting machine and HTV.

  6. Stickers: SVG and cut files can be used to create custom stickers using a vinyl cutting machine and vinyl sheets.

Is the Eagles-SVG website secure?

We employ the strongest SSL available for our site’s security. All urls on our website begin with “HTTPS”. “S” means “secure”