Guide to Installing and Using Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Are you looking for ways to use fonts in Cricut Design Space to personalize your projects? This article will guide you through the process of installing and using fonts in Cricut Design Space.
To use a new font in Cricut Design Space, you’ll need to install it on your computer (font files typically end in .ttf or .otf).

How to install fonts

  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the font.
  • Double-click on the font you want to install and use. (Now the font installation window will open.)
  • Click install and it’s done (You have now successfully installed the font on your computer.)


How to use fonts in Cricut Design Space

After installing your font, make sure to restart Cricut Design Space.

Click on the “Text” button to add your text.

Write your text, make sure the text is selected, and click on the “Font” dropdown menu.

On the task bar, select “System”. It will load the fonts you have installed on your computer.

In the search box, you can type a few characters in the name of the font you want to use. Now you can select the font you want to use. In this section, we have selected KAAverageScore.

It’s that simple! If you’re our customer, we’ll support free ttf(otf)-to-svg conversion for you.

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